Work Experience - Writing & Research Assistant for job seekers

Work Experience - Writing & Research Assistant for job seekers - Writing & Research Assistant for job seekers

Side hustle (Dec 2022 - present)

Who it’s for: Job seekers who need to research companies and write customized cover letters for job applications.

The Problem: Job seekers spend a lot of time writing original, personalized cover letters for each job. This leads to inefficiency and longer time unemployed. Non-English speaking job seekers need assistance with grammar and structured writing. Non-technical job seekers may not have easy access to AI tools such as ChatGPT.


  • Rapid Cover Letter Creation: By using OpenAI technology, CoverDoc takes the job seeker's target job information and crafts an initial draft within minutes. It's the perfect blend of efficiency and precision.

  • Originality Score: Each cover letter comes with an Originality Score, guiding the job seeker on how much effort they should invest in revising the draft to make it truly stand out from the competition.

  • Personalized Content: Integrating with LinkedIn and leveraging resume highlights, CoverDoc ensures every cover letter feels tailor-made for the applicant and the targeted job.

  • Company Research: No more scouring the web for company information. CoverDoc saves job seekers time by providing the latest news about the target company and summarizing its website.

  • Diverse User Base: CoverDoc is an inclusive platform, assisting international students and immigrants, including non-native English speakers, in their job search journey.

  • Time Savings: On average, CoverDoc users spend just 15-20 minutes crafting a cover letter, compared to over an hour before discovering the app.

  • Award-Winning: CoverDoc is the proud winner of Zapier's 2023 No-Code Day Contest for the "No-Code Featuring AI" category.

    Zapier No-Code Day Contest

No-code tech stack used to build first version in under 3 weeks:

  • Database: Airtable

  • Front end app:

  • Integrations with OpenAI and Google Docs: Zapier and Google Cloud Platform

  • Landing page/Waitlist: Framer & GetWaitlist

  • Payments: Stripe

  • Email: ConvertKit

  • Product Analytics: Pendo & UserPilot

  • Revenue Analysis: ProfitWell

Lean Canvas for product discovery/validation

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Traction (as of May 2024)

Public launch on March 6, 2023 (Free Plan, Paid Subscription and Pay as you Go)

MRR Growth and Trial to Paid Conversion Rate

Prep Documents Created

User Engagement / Stickiness (As of June 1, 2023)

Waitlist for Early Access Program (12/31/2022 - 3/5/2023)

Signup Conv rate: 14%

Waitlist Signups

Public launch on March 6, 2023 (Free Plan, Paid Subscription and Pay as you Go)

Awards and Recognition

Zapier Keynote 2023 - ZapConnect 2023 (CEO Wade Foster)

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