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Work Experience / The Princeton Review / The Princeton Review

Director of Product (Aug 2013 - Sept 2014)

VP, Product Management (Sept 2014 - Aug 2017)

VP, Digital Experience (Aug 2017 - June 2018)

I joined in 2013 as Director of Product a few months after the company was acquired by IAC. I was hired to grow the consumer tutoring subscription business and manage a team of Product Managers and Data Analysts.

Key challenges:

  • Setting up consumer subscription purchase flows and ad performance tracking

  • Optimizing the purchase and tutoring experience for both users (students) and buyers (parents)

  • Enable voice in the classroom without impacting margins on the provider (tutor) side of the business

As VP of Digital Experience, I led a team composed of an e-commerce Director, Creative Director, and Director of Online Content with full accountability for SEO and A/B testing to drive online sales.


  • Managed integration with TPR after acquisition (website relaunch, setting up in-house experimentation platform/processes)

  • Relaunch mobile apps for Homework Help and SAT Practice

  • Develop and coach junior and mid-level Product Managers

  • Drove significant product improvements (voice in the classroom, scheduled tutoring and tutor search)


  • Drove a 14% increase in MAUs after launching voice and scheduled tutoring sessions for on-demand online homework help product

  • Saved development time through process of conducting user tests for usability and demand validation using

    interactive prototypes and customer surveys

  • Improved margin per visitor for test prep product line by running experiments designed to improve conversion rate for self-paced online courses (higher margin vs in-person classes)

  • Implemented new live chat platform which improved call center efficiency, uncovered customer pain points and informed website copy for product detail pages and FAQs

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