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Work Experience



VP of Product (Jan 2021 - May 2022)

CXL is the premium marketing education destination helping digital marketers advance their careers. I was hired to lead the Content and Product teams (five direct reports) who are responsible for creating self-paced online training programs and improving the learner experience.

CXL Certification Programs


  • Developed quantitative evaluation criteria for vetting potential instructors

  • Implemented new feedback loops to measure learner experienced based on concept understanding, instructor engagement, quality of learning materials and applicability to work

  • Improved team knowledge through Continuous Discovery training for Product team

  • Defined leading and lagging measures as part of 4DX framework for goal setting

  • Built an ROI model to determine value of every course in the CXL catalog based on consumption metrics

  • Conducted pre-mortems to mitigate risk before launching new products

  • Launched Freemium product (CXL Foundations) and optimized onboarding flow based on learning paths


  • Increased trial users who start a course in first 7 days by 17% through targeted in-app guides and email series designed to reduce time to value

  • Increased Free trial to Paid Subscription conversion rate from 39% to 45%

  • Reduced customer support cases for exam issues by 21% after initiating exam rewrites for top courses

Foundations Program Onboarding:

CXL Onboarding

CXL Playbooks

CXL Playbooks gives access to thousands of step-by-step instructions written by top experts in digital marketing.

My role was Product Management for the private beta and public launch. I developed a framework to evaluate content opportunities and curate experts.

I conducted user interviews as part of a continuous discovery process. I prioritized the backlog, ran usability tests, defined success metrics and monitored performance using product analytics.

Problem: Learning and doing are often misaligned. What prompts people to take online courses is mostly that they have a task at hand - but they're not sure what's the best way to go about it.

However, most courses want to teach you everything about a subject, while you only need to learn a specific concept. This plays a major role in why the global average course completion hovers around 10%.

This insight led us to build CXL Playbooks: tasks marketers need to accomplish broken down into 10 steps. You have a task at hand - just follow the playbook. Learn for 10 minutes, implement in the next 10 minutes.

Solution: Knowledge-sharing community built on the Discord platform (with significant customization)

Impact: Increased Stickiness (WAU/MAU) for primary user segments (core, regular, casual) to 20%+ through improved content recommendations and in-app tours to drive continued usage.

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