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Peeriscope was created in 2010 to help people identify professional networking opportunities via their location-aware mobile phones. As one of the first ambient social discovery apps, Peeriscope lets iPhone users discover events and connect with relevant professionals while respecting privacy.

Peeriscope runs in the background to find matching Meetup and EventBrite events using industry, function and skills. The app also finds people nearby who share professional interests, skills, education and work history.

My role as Founder was to develop the concepts, validate demand and direct an engineering and UX team on implementation (writing user stories, testing new versions of the app, conducting usability testing).

I analyzed customer feedback and increased activation and retention metrics through new value creation and growth tactics.

Key Takeaways

  • This experience taught me the importance of validating demand early before investing in development

  • Value of segmentation (focus on a specific segment, demonstrate success/gain traction before shifting focus to other segments)

  • Importance of having a co-founder vested in the success of the venture

  • Invest more in a go to market plan beyond app store optimization (ASO)

Advanced filtering and privacy controls:

App user retention after adding Meetup integration:

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